Bathroom Transformation: Home Spa Ideas

An image of a domestic bathroom which has been transformed into a home spa.

Why wait around to treat yourself, when you could have all of the luxuries of a spa in your very own bathroom. Here at The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre, we have put together some unique home spa ideas to transform your practical bathroom into a zone in which you can truly relax.


It goes without saying that the lighting in any room can dramatically transform its atmosphere. Bathrooms can easily feel like cold, uninviting spaces and stark lighting is certainly not conducive to stress relief (besides, you don’t want a bright light shining down on you as you lay in the bath). Choose warm tone lighting, and if possible, opt form lighting which can be dimmed and brightened, depending on your mood. If you’d really like to experiment with more unique lighting preferences, consider investing in fibre optic lighting that can be fitted onto the ceiling to give a star light effect.


What spa would be complete without gorgeously fluffy towels, scented in relaxing aromatherapy oils? We recommend investing in a thick, fluffy rug that your feet can sink into after stepping out of a hot bath. Such luxurious touches are often inexpensive, but make a great impact on the space and how you feel when you use it. Dot your favourite scents lightly around the room for a truly indulgent feeling.

Practical elements

Although home spa ideas can be fun to think of and implement, they also need to work with the practical ways in which you use the space. When it comes to items such as cotton wool pads and earbuds, consider decanting such items into glass jars and pretty pots. In doing so, your items are still readily available, but look now look much more aesthetically pleasing and don’t stand out as clutter on your sides or shelves.

The best home spa ideas are always completely personalised to the ways in which you use the space. Here at The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre, we have been supplying and fitting bathrooms of all kinds for many years. For more information on our services, please call 01992 426 666 or use our online contact form.