How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

An image of a small bathroom with a modern design.

Your bathroom is sometimes the smallest room in your home, but typically the room most often used. There are multiple ways you can make your bathroom appear bigger and in the latest blog post by The Cheshunt Bathroom Centre, we discuss easy ways you can transform the appearance of your bathroom, quickly and easily.


The colours used throughout a space can not only transform the atmosphere, they also have the ability to make a room feel bigger or smaller. When painting a small bathroom, use light and space paint, which makes use of subtle light reflecting particles to provide the illusion of a bigger room.

White is typically the colour used in rooms that don’t have the luxury of space, however, to ensure the room has personality, mix materials such as gloss tiles, smooth walls and your choice of furniture or accessories. If white is too stark for your taste, try tone on tone. Soft greys, creams and beiges create a luxurious, seamless effect, without attention-grabbing breaks in the design which can make the room feel smaller.

Furniture and Accessories

Small spaces can often be difficult to populate with furniture and accessories. However, the alternative of leaving the room bare can sometimes only serve to draw attention to the fact that the space is small and difficult to decorate.

Where you can, opt for furniture that can be created to your space specifications. Using floating vanity units and sinks keeps the floor space open and allows the eye to follow the entire space, without being interrupted by blocks of furniture.

When it comes to small accessories, consider items that have a gloss or reflective surface. You may consider adding pops of colour in small items such as soap dispensers, or wish to tie your accessories in with the same tones as your walls for a more inform appearance.

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